Names will be added to this page as people contribute to the project. You will be notified via Reddit messaging if your name gets added to the list.

taylorhayward_boston (Taylor Hayward) – Script Writer and Subreddit Moderator

ReadDog – Subreddit Moderator

UrNotAMachine – Plot Creator


2 thoughts on “Credits

  1. Taylor:
    I would like to talk to you about your crowdscript site.
    As is quite common in our day I’m sure, I dreamed up the idea of crowd script on the way to work this morning.. and then wondered if someone else already had the same idea.. imagine that!

    • Hey Brad! Ya, I tried this out a while ago. I made some mistakes in managing the project. I was a little two autocratic in the different stages of the process. You can go to the reddit group and check it out.

      I’m working on other things now, so I’m not able to work on this again. But, I wish you luck if you would like to give it another try.


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